WTA Wimbledon Predictions

All correct predictions are coloured in GREEN

All incorrect predictions are coloured in RED

Draws will be updated accordingly during the tournament so keep checking back :-)

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  1. Following the elimination of Sharapova and Azarenka it leaves room for Kvitova for the final

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  3. Sabine Lisicki on a collision course with Serena...watch out Serena its your turn!

  4. Sabine,Kaia-(plan B)make her run from side to side with an occassional dropshot when she's busy-like what Kanepi did to Angelique Kerber today:) don't try to outwin Serena on most of the points-that's everyone's mistake! make her run and run! and when you can afford to make one long rally even longer to suck the wind out of her and then the momentum shifts to you-it should be enough to cost her the set and an extra break for you in the next. (Plan A)make her nervous by showing your not afraid from the beginning but also keep your cool and the win is yours! (plan C)-when she goes into invincible steroid mode make her work and overexert herself so that you'll be fresher when the storm is over. Break the momentum somehow with some match stop-injuries time out,complaining,getting the roof covered-don't be shy-playing sly and dirty is part of the game. After you've won the match watch out!! you might be in for a surprise the next round-get plenty of rest,keep your composure and clean out all those butterflies-Wimbledon 2013 is yours...